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Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D has enjoyed success as a model, television commercial spokesperson, speaker, blogger (, award winning author and actress ( She is well known for having guest starred on numerous television shows such as classic 'Star Trek' and also for co-starring in several films, such as 'Live a Little Love a Little,' with Elvis Presley. She added business owner to her resume when she became a Real Estate broker and operated a very successful commercial brokerage, known as Celeste Yarnall and Associates.

The stress from having all these hats in the air at the same time caused her to take a hard look at her priorities. She quickly realized that her lifetime love of animals was calling her to share her knowledge of Holistic Health Care for both people and pets, especially cats on a deep and significant level. She wanted to do something that would clearly demonstrate that species specific nutrition and holistic principles not only were healing and beneficial to the present generation of companion animals but also were critically important, epigenitically to the future health of cats and dogs. If these animals, especially those used for breeding  continued to be reared on commercial pet food, drugs and vaccines it became clearly evident to Celeste that they would not be around for future generations to live with. In that spirit Celeste embarked on a holistic breeding program with her own Tonkinese and Oriental Shorthair championship show cats which spanned 11 generations and nearly 20 years! In 1993 Celeste’s first  breeding Tonk (and pet) had her first naturally raised, unvaccinated and raw meat fed litter! One of these kittens named Aladdin, now an elderly fellow is still with she and her husband today.

Celeste’s first book, Cat Care Naturally, was first published in hardback in 1995 during the initial phase of the Celestial Cats breeding program. This book included an introductory chapter from Christina Chambreau, DVM, and a forward by Russell Swift, DVM who admired the course of action that Celeste had embarked upon. This book virtually rocked the veterinary world by firmly stating the downright danger of commercial pet food, the use and abuse of drugs and vaccines. The world was not quite ready for this information but none the less Celeste persisted. This book was updated in 1998 for paperback and released as Natural Cat Care,  along with a brand new book on holistic dog care entitled Natural Dog Care, which was endorsed by Dr. Barry Sears, Ph.D, author of “The Zone” books.

By 2009 with the optimal health results from her breeding program she retired from breeding and showing cats however all the rules and tools she gathered along the way became the impetus behind her newest book for cats, which is co-authored by her dear friend, the renowned holistic veterinarian, Jean Hofve, DVM. This book, entitled, The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care, an illustrated guide, was the recipient of a coveted CWA (Cat Writers Association) 2010 Muse Medallion Award. Holistic Cat Care has been enjoying outstanding reviews ever since and is a must read for all cat lovers. It is the first anti-aging book ever written for cats.

Celeste Yarnall’s holistic health care business, Celestial Pets, is run by Celeste and her business parter, Imelda Lopez-Casper, and is located in Westlake Village. (

Celeste is married to noted British painter, Nazim M Nazim,
who is the author of Power Animals. Nazim's artwork often accompanies her weekly Celestial Musing blog for Care2 and numerous other publications Celeste contributes to. Their combined holistic paradigm is embraced as The Art of Wellness Collection (

All my best, naturally,
Celeste Yarnall, PhD

Holistic Health Care and Anti-Aging for People and Pets
Author of the Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care and Natural Dog Care
Moxxor Holistic Advisory Board Member
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Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D