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Nikki Brown is The UK Dog Whisperer and has indeed earned her reputation as The Canine
Born in 1972, Nikki has spent a lifetime gathering experience in communicating with the
canine species and has the astounding ability to truly understand the mind and behaviour of the
Qualified in both human and psychology and an Associate Member Of The Canine
Behaviour Centre in Cumbria, Nikki has helped countless pet owners all over the world,
find real solutions to their pets health and behavioural problems using her vast knowledge,
experience, and amazing ability to communicate with our canine and feline friends.
Nikki has accumulated over 12 years of valuable experience of working with Man’s best
friend. Her journey into this fascinating line of work started when she decided that she wanted
to learn as much as she possibly could about the canine species, so took up a study course in dog
After owning her first dog at 16, Nikki felt there was much more to learn than what the so called pet experts were telling her and felt she needed to be taught by the animals themselves.
Nikki gained inspiration from the famous horse whisperer, Monty Roberts and wanted to replicate his study methods, which was to get as close to the animals in their group habitat so as to learn how they communicated with each other.
Nikki also wanted to learn more about the animal rescue shelters and learn how she could use her skills to help alleviate some of the enormous problems these shelters face with over-crowding and lack of funds and resources. So she enrolled as a volunteer in several animal shelters across the globe and spent many years of her study learning and working with some of the most abused and traumatised animals she had ever met.
It was in these animal shelters that Nikki learnt her most valuable lessons. It was also during this time Nikki had a revelation that totally transformed her life.
Nikki was born with natural talents at communicating with animals and had the ability to be able to understand what her animal friends were telling her, from a very early age.
During her late 20’s she began to explore her spiritual side more and went travelling around the world to learn more about the worlds different cultures. It was on this journey that she literally stumbled across Angel’s Canyon in Utah USA and was about to find a hidden gem in the canyon that was far more precious to her than any diamond!
Nikki’s instincts led her to one of Americas largest No Kill Animal Sanctuaries called BEST FRIENDS! This amazing animal rehabilitation centre was tucked away in this beautiful wild, red rock canyon. Nikki simply fell in love with the place and decided to settle her roots there for a while so she could sign up to the shelter as a volunteer Animal Healer. 
The wonderful team of staff at Best Friends, welcomed Nikki and her natural talents and abilities, with open arms and gave Nikki a long list of animals that were in need of her help.
It was here that Nikki begun to study not just dogs, but cat’s horses and birds too. Just as Monty Roberts spent many hours laying in the horses fields studying and observing the horses movements and signals, Nikki set about putting herself inside the animal cages and pens, sitting quietly with them for hours upon end, just  observing and learning their every move and becoming one with them. 
Nikki says “The animals taught me everything I know really, I took the time to stop and listen to what they were telling me! I studied the written courses on the subjects of dog and human psychology but my best teachings came from real life experiences just observing how animals were interacting with each other and their human friends.

-

Nikki Brown