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Sandra DeMers is the author of “Cory’s Story, How One Dog Conquered Epilepsy” which was released in late 2010.  Her book is about her journey with the family Yellow Labrador Retriever “Cory,” who was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was 3 years old. It is a story with a happy ending, as Sandra shares Cory’s miraculous cure of his seizures by switching him from commercial dog food to a diet of only raw meaty bones. Her book has reached readers all over the world, many of whom have reported back that they were also able to achieve successful results for their dogs who suffer from seizures by following in Cory’s paw-steps.  She has a website filled with helpful information about dog-related issues, including accounts from several guest bloggers who share their stories about their own experiences with feeding raw to their dogs.
Cory’s Story is a book that delivers an inspirational story of one dog’s challenging journey through life as an epileptic. The story delivers heartwarming accounts of Cory’s early days as a puppy, in which Cory was a bit of a “Marley and Me” troublemaker that will have you laughing as you turn each page.

Later in the story, author Sandra DeMers (Cory’s owner) illuminates the dark world of canine epilepsy and illustrates the deep bond between canine and human that eventually leads to Cory living the final 5 years of his life seizure-free. Cory’s Story will make you laugh, and it will make you cry—but not tears of sadness; tears of joy and inspiration.

Cory’s Story is meant for all dog lovers, but owners of epileptic dogs will especially find hope after reading Cory’s Story. Prepare to be inspired.
Sandra DeMers