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Hi, my name is Sherry Stone. I’m very fortunate to have 8 ferrets share their lives with my husband and myself. I’ve had ferrets for 4 years now, and am amazed by them at every turn. I run a holistic forum dedicated to making the lives of these wonderful little creatures as stress free and healthy as possible. The aim of the forum is to nurture and enrich the life of ferrets as well as provide one on one mentoring to effect the transition to a more natural diet and lifestyle as much as is possible.
I strongly believe that by doing this, some diseases and illnesses can hopefully be prevented, or at least delayed as long as possible. At the very least they are much happier and more active on a raw/whole prey diet- as they were meant to be.
I take my ferrets out for walks on their halters and leashes, and people are always amazed that those “stinky” weasels really don’t have much of an odour at all! Their coats are amazingly soft, their teeth are white, they are bright, alert and curious. I tell everyone it’s all in the diet. When an animal eats what it’s meant to eat, surprise surprise- no kibble stink!
One day while speaking with their vet she asked me what they eat, and what they got for treats. Not knowing any better at the time, I went by the books I’d read. They got their ferret kibble as well as the odd raisin and bit of fruit. That’s when I first heard about a link between sugars and insulinoma, a disease where the pancreas develops tumors, and begins producing too much insulin, thus driving down blood sugars. This results in hind end weakness, glassy eyes, drooling, staring off into space without moving, and finally seizures and death. While it can be medicated for a time, the end result is the Prednisone stops working sooner or later, and there is nothing more that can be done and the disease takes it’s course wreaking havoc on those tiny bodies.
After doing some research I discovered ferrets are obligate carnivores, and cannot digest anything not meat based. Based on this train of thought, I realized that the carbs in their kibble just might have the same effect, so started researching a species appropriate diet. Which led me to raw and whole prey.
Since then, we’ve not looked back. Although I’m still researching, reading, discovering, and learning all the time! I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with Raw Instincts, and hope you enjoy reading and learning with me.

Sherry Stone