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Tracy Dion is a writer and feline care and behavior consultant, specializing in nutrition and feeding a species-appropriate diet. She has worked with rescue and shelter organizations rescuing and socializing cats, dogs, birds, rats and reptiles for many years, but her focus for the last decade has been on cats.

She is dedicated to improving their health and welfare through owner education, and is passionate about improving the owner / animal bond through increased understanding of natural feline behaviors and needs. 

Tracy offers written material, seminars, consultations – often at no cost – and partners with other organizations in a multipronged effort to educate the public on the benefits, techniques, and issues associated with feeding cats a raw, prey-based, species-appropriate diet.

Her education and awareness campaigns are also focused on promoting an understanding of feline behavior and motivations, with the goal of improving overall feline care, reducing conflicts, and strengthening the feline / owner bond.

Tracy is a professional member of the Cat Writers’ Association, author of, and President of the International Association of Raw Feeders.

Tracy Dion