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There is a new online magazine which I know anyone who follows my site will love - it's called 'Raw Instincts' and I am very happy to be part of this and will be contributing to it each month alongside a whole host of other very qualified and knowledgeable people.

The driving force behind this magazine is someone who has not been feeding her dog a natural raw diet for very long - in fact - you can see some of her story on my Testimonial page, and her journey hasn't been without hiccups, but she has followed advice given and seen how much healthier her dog is now and wants to use her wonderful talents to help others and their dogs so much that she came up with this wonderful magazine -
Well Done Erica!

The contributors to this magazine are an impressive group, and it will be well worth subscribing to and contain lots of good information and help for anyone with an interest in learning more about all aspects of their dogs health and happiness.

We are very excited to be part of this exciting new venture and encourage you to pop along and take a peek at the preview of the first issue.

~ J.Arnold
I love the publication; I'm don't own a dog yet, but I will feed every dog I ever own raw...I eat raw myself! 

Adam Reid

I love your magazine. It’s taken a lot for THIS old dog to learn new tricks, too, but I am learning and trying to do more and more things the natural way.

~ Nikie Cotter

Your Magazine is the best. I love it

~ Lisa Trudelle