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Tom Lonsdale graduated from the Royal Veterinary College, University of London in 1972. After gaining experience in large and small animal practices, including work in zoos, he emigrated to Australia. By the mid 1980s Tom and a group of Sydney based vets began to question the conventional veterinary dogma regarding the feeding of pets.

Subsequently known as the Raw Meaty Bones Lobby, Tom and his colleagues campaigned for change in the way vets are taught and how pets are treated. In 1996 Tom started the Raw Meaty Bones website. In 2001 Tom’s landmark book Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health (likened to Silent Spring the book that kick started the environmental revolution) was published. In 2005 the easy reader for all pet owners, Work Wonders: Feed your dog raw meaty bones, was published.

Tom now practises at the Bligh Park Pet Health Centre on the outskirts of Sydney.
Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health provides essential reading on carnivore diet, health and the junk pet food industry/veterinary/fake animal welfare alliance. Ideal gift for veterinarians, lawyers, dentists, doctors, teachers, scientists and anyone needing the facts upon which to build a better world for pets, pet owners and the wider community.

Work Wonders: Feed your dog raw meaty bones is the easy-reader on canine nutrition suitable for every dog (cat and ferret) owner, young and not so young. Ideal for trainers, breeders, groomers, dog walkers and other professionals who wish to give their clients a gift that goes on giving.

Both books available from good bookshops,,, and

All proceeds help the Raw Meaty Bones campaign.

Tom Lonsdale